Weight: 4lbs 11oz

Chai is a gorgeous Akc chocolate and tan yorkie.  We look forward to what the future holds for her. She was bred here and is the offspring of Siena and King.



Current Weight: 3lbs 12oz (Still growing)

Birthday: 10/29/23

What can I even begin to say about Fyre, other than she is Fire!!

This little girl is the perfect package. She is a sweet little traditional black and tan girl that carries chocolate and possible parti and blonde. She is just perfection. She is growing well and we are hopeful that she makes breeding size. She is an absolute doll!



Current Weight: 4.8lbs 

I adore this girl! She is just the sweetest! She is independent and just prefers to be picked up and be in your lap to relax! She really loves belly rubs and rolls over for you to hold her like a baby. Kissy is a traditional blue and tan girl with a long lush coat. We look forward to some beautiful babies with her in the future.



Weight: 3lbs 5oz

Versace is an amazingly gorgeous traditional parti boy. He carries chocolate and possibly blonde as well. I am super excited to add this little beautiful boy into our stud program.

He has the most amazing face and short little legs which perfectly matches his absolutely precious personality. I am looking forward to seeing what beautiful babies he produces here in the near future. Stay tuned to watch this boy grow!



Weight: 4lbs 9oz

Treasure is a sweet little chocolate girl. She carries parti and blonde. She is from Siena and King.

We are truly excited to build with this beautiful girl. She has the sweetest personality and loves to run and jump on the other dogs. Shes a pro at playing tag too! She is the first one out the door and always the last to come back in. In fact, Treasure plays tag with me to and makes me come get her when its time to come back in!



Weight: 2lbs 10oz

Skye is a sweet little Traditional black and tan girl. She is 3rd generation here.

We look forward to continuing to grow and improve her line here. She is the sweetest little munchkin. So far, this girl is mellow and laid back. She is playful with her brothers, but prefers to be in your lap instead. Stay tuned and watch her grow into a beautiful adult. Skye may carry colors, but will have to be tested to know for sure.



Weight: 1lb 14oz

This incredible boy is a traditional that carries chocolate and possibly parti and blonde. He is 2nd generation born right here to parents, Chai and Valentino. His grandparents are Siena and King. I  am beyond excited to add this gorgeous boy into our stud program for 2025.

He is currently 1lb 14 oz at 7wks which charts him at exactly 6lbs. I do believe he will max out at around 5lbs though. Only time will tell. Either way, he is gorgeous and will make some amazing puppies in the future to come.



Weight: 3lbs 5oz

Illy is a beautiful traditional boy. He is super dark and also carries parti. We will test him to find out if he carries any other colors soon. 

He has the most amazing face and short little legs which perfectly matches his absolutely precious personality. When he barks, he sounds like hes talking to you or whining. He prefers the spoiled little king treatment which is just fine with me. I am looking forward to seeing what beautiful babies he produces here in the near future.  



Weight 6lbs 8oz

Siena is the sweetest little chocolate yorkie you could ever have. She is an absolute snuggle bunny. She comes when you call her (If you understand just how stubborn yorkies can be, you’d

She definitely prefers the spoiled life of snacks and love and is a huge couch potato. She loves to just lay in my lap to watch everything going on.



Weight 4lbs 14oz

Valentino is such a cutie and the most loveable little guy ever! He is traditional black and tan with multi-champion lines. I am so excited to add him in and look forward to the beautiful babies he will produce.



Weight: 3lbs 2oz

This little nugget is King. I cannot say enough about this little stinker. He has an adorable little face and is a very gentle and mellow boy. His eyes will melt your heart.  He enjoys jumping in your lap first before anyone else has the chance! I love him to pieces!

King is blonde chocolate parti



Weight 4lbs 11oz

Kiwi is an adorable traditional blue and gold yorkie. Her personality is the best! She is the first to let you know when she is hungry and first for treats! She is always the life of the party.



Weight 5lbs 5oz

Whisper is a solid black yorkie. She is such a playful girl, enjoys running after Chai and snatching toys from everyone she can. She has a very sweet personality as well. Looking forward to her future here with us.



Weight: 7lbs 10oz

Cashmere is a beautiful chocolate girl. She is one girl that would spend all day outside rolling in the grass and laying in the sun if she could. She is spunky and playful as well as loving. She was born right here and has been such a sweet girl.