Retired Parents

We have had many wonderful parents here at Sunflower Yorkies.

We want to remember each one as they will always will be very special to us!

Please enjoy this tribute page to honor all of the beautiful Sunflower Yorkies parents that have now been retired.


Weight 6lbs


Jazz was an incredible stud! Gorgeous and such a playful guy. He is now living out his life retired and spoiled in New York!!



Current weight: 3lbs

Charted Adult weight: 3lbs 11oz

Coal is a gorgeous traditional boy. He is retired from Sunflower Yorkies but is with a dear fellow breeder. Although he is not here, we still wish him the best life and look forward to seeing the amazing little puppies he will produce.

Coal carries parti.



Weight 5lbs

Rose is a traditional blue and tan girl..Completely spoiled and enjoyed being in your lap to nap and give kisses. She is now retired.



Weight 5lbs

Birthdate: 3/13/18

Halo is a beautiful Merle girl. She is independent and loves to be outside to play with her toys and just mind her business. Halo is such a mellow girl. I love this girl with my whole heart. She is now retired and will live royally spoiled with 2 other siblings!



Weight 2lbs 11oz

Boss was one of my chocolate sable parti boys. He retired before he was able to father any litters.

RIP 10/18/17



Weight 4.5lbs

Oscar was the bestest! He was a 4lb chocolate parti. He is part of the reason I fell in love with breeding. Athough he was not my first stud, he sure held a huge part of my heart. His personality was incredible and he was always a happy little guy who wanted nothing more than to be in your lap to give lots of kisses.

RIP 2019



Weight 7lbs 0oz

Popcorn is a total sweetheart. She loves to chase her siblings around to play and LOVES to roll in the grass. She is spunky and fun. She is a 7lb sable girl and was born here. She is the offspring of Tiki and King. Popcorn has now been retired from Sunflower Yorkies.

Popcorn carries blonde, chocolate and parti.



Weight 7lb 12oz

Tiki is a Sable girl. She is a sweet girl and loves playing fetch with her toys. Shes the big mama of the crew.  Shes now retired and living her best life as one spoiled girl!